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    Leading Lawyers and Justice from Non-NLU

    Leading Lawyers and Justice from Non-NLU

    Harish Salve; Non-NLU
    Harish Salve

    Harish Salve

    Know this man? He is Harish Salve.
    One among the foremost prominent lawyers of the Supreme Court of India. He recently represented India the Kulbhushan Jadav case at the International Court of Justice, The Hague. The thing is that he graduated from a Non-NLU, the University of Nagpur.

    Justice Rohinton Nariman
    Justice Rohinton Nariman

    Justice Rohinton Nariman

    This man? He is Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman.
    He is currently a judge at the Supreme Court of India. Before being elevated to the current position, he was a senior counsel at the Supreme Court. He was also appointed as a Lawman of India in 2011. His Alma mater? Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.

    Nanki Palkhiwala
    Nanki Palkhiwala

    Nanki Palkhiwala

    This man was referred to as the Courtroom Genius. His name is Nani Palkhiwala.
    He was the person who argued the famous case of Keshavanand Bharati. He was also the person behind the Minerva Mills case. This man is entitled to had exceptional knowledge about the Constitution of India. His school, a Non-NLU, Government Law College, University of Mumbai.

    Markandey Katju
    Markandey Katju

    Markandey Katju

    One must be knowing this man. He is Justice Markandey Katju.
    This man started off his career as a standing counsel for the Tax Department at the Allahabad high court. In 1991, he was elevated to the Bench of Allahabad high court. Later, he was appointed as the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court, then the Chennai High Court and at last the Delhi High Court. In 2006, he was appointed as a Judge of the Supreme Court of India. His Courtroom was referred to as the fastest courtroom within the court, it disposed of 100+ matters per week. he’s variously described as “brilliant”, “bold”, “one of the best”, “a maverick”. His article of faith in judicial restraint has been contrasted with some unconventional opinions he delivered.
    His own words partly explained this contradiction as: A judge should restrain from challenging policy decisions in economic matters by the govt, though be an activist in cases of private liberty. His Law School is Faculty of Law, University of Allahabad, again a Non-NLU.

    Non-NLU passed out Mr. Ram Jethmalani
    Ram Jethmalani

    Ram Jethmalani

    Now, one and all who are somehow associated with the sphere of law must know this man. He is the famous Ram Jethmalani. This man is titled to possess exceptional knowledge of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 and also the Law of Evidence. he’s claimed to be one of the awesome criminal lawyers of the country. He’s the highest-paid lawyer within the country, charging up to Twenty Lakh Rupees per hearing. He first came to light from the K. M. Nanavati case. He was also the Law Minister of India and was also the President of the Bar Council of India. Some of his famous representations are:-

    • Harshad Mehta Stock Scam
    • Ketan Parekh Stock Scam
    • Indira Gandhi’s killers’ defense
    • Rajiv Gandhi’s killers’ defense
    • Jayalalithaa’s defense in disproportionate assets case

    His Law School is S. C. Shahani Law College, Karachi. You see whats common here, all of those people I’ve mentioned are exceptional jurists, and none of them are from any National Law Universities. The only thing that matters is how skilled you are in practicing law. The difference between a National Law University and a traditional law university might be the schools, the extracurricular events, maybe at some level the extent of education they supply. Being an NLU student just gives you a foothold over a Non-NLU student. One can easily bridge this gap up by working hard. The only thing that matters within the field of law is your skills.

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