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    Thanks! For Choosing Legal Thirst as your Publisher.  Here are some important details!

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    We are providing you with some static guidelines if you wish to submit your articles. kindly read these carefully.


    You are allowed to write articles on a subject that holds relevance to the law, would also consider articles on the legal industry, legal career, the legal profession, law school life, etc.

    Word Limit

    The word count of your articles should be of Minimum 1000 words (there is no maximum word limit, while it is best if all relevant points considering the title are mentioned in the article).

    Format Required

    The Article should follow the relevant format:

    1. Heading
    2. Introduction/ Abstract
    3. Sub- Headings (recommended to add a sub-heading after every 150 words)
    4. Conclusion

    • Submission Format: MS-Word Format
    • Plagiarism: Only 15% – 20% of plagiarism is acceptable. (Therefore, we encourage you to write good articles.)
    • The submissions which fulfill the criteria will be published on our website along with the writer’s name.

    Note: Hyperlinks are to be like this: In X vs. Z, 2018 Supreme Court (see here), or in the report by News18 (see here). If materials are shared in print only (and there is no online mode), simply add the link under the “References” heading at the end of the article.

    Exclusive license

    By submitting your article for this competition, you are giving the Legal Thirst exclusive and unlimited license, without any restriction of time or geographical restriction, to publish your article on the, as well as any other compendium where we may like to publish it.

    Quid pro quo is the opportunity to participate in the competition. However, if we do not publish your article within 30 days of submission, we would have no rights to your article, and you would be free to publish it elsewhere or use it as you deem fit. However, if we publish it, you will not attempt to publish the same article/content anywhere else.

    Perks for Content Writers:

    • Publication on Website with your Name.
    • E- Certificate (Online) (Only on 4 successful publications on the website.)

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