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    OpportunityCourses138 N.I. Act Certificate Course (Legal Drafting & Cross-Examination) - Enroll Now!

    138 N.I. Act Certificate Course (Legal Drafting & Cross-Examination) – Enroll Now!

    About the Platform:-

    Legal Thirst Law Firm is a full-service Law Firm & Education Platform, registered under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. Legal Thirst is a powerful step towards the upliftment of the legal profession in India by shaping the law students; helping them to learn legal skills efficiently by affordable and Law Firm Certified Legal Courses, Webinars, and also by various workshops and sessions. An innovative step of providing easy Internships in senior Lawyer chambers and Law Firms to Non-NLU & First Gen. Law Students. Legal Thirst aims towards proving opportunities to those who lack resources and the end of nepotism in society. Legal Thirst’s venture DLEAF is a Non-Profit, PAN India Organization that has the motive to create legal awareness among the society; along with a team of lawyers and social workers, DLEAF is providing Pro-Bono Legal Services to the needful section of society.

    About LT Courses

    ‘LT Courses’ are a venture of the Legal Thirst Platform ( We have created an LMS (Learning Management System), which is a very effective method of learning. One can access their course module for a lifetime. They can learn at their schedule, that’s why it is very effective and flexible. We aim to merge courses from various legal platforms to create a variety of affordable courses in the reach of Law Students.

    About the Course Instructor:-

    Adv. Lalit Ajmani:- Delhi High Court
    He is an experienced lawyer practicing in the Delhi High Court; and a former associate at Singh & Associates. He is an alumnus of Rajiv Gandhi National Law University and interned at various leading law firms like Trilegal, Economic Laws Practice (ELP), etc.
    He mastered the litigation in the field of 138 N.I. Act Cheque Bounce Cases.

    Course Syllabus & Inclusions:-

    #1. Introduction, Meaning, and Importance of N.I. Act

    • What is Cheque Bounce?
    • Introduction by Instructor
    • What will you get by this Course
    • What Negotiable Instruments Litigation includes
    • What is Cheque?
    • Who is Banker?
    • Introduction to N.I. Law in India & View of Indian Legislature (Amendments)
    • Classification of Offence under 138 N.I. Act
    • Introduction to Procedure
    • Summary Trial in 138 N.I. Act
    • Section 143 A N.I. Act (Amendment)
    • Can Companies Be Held Liable?
    • Proceed with the Main Course

    #2. Mechanism of Cheque Bounce Cases

    • Interim Compensation under Section 143 A
    • Introduction to Legal Mechanism of 138 N.I. Act
    • Legal Mechanism – Actual Case Understanding
    • Why Litigation gets Mandatory?
    • Time Period Limitation & Other Required Conditions
    • Appellate Court Mechanism
    • Interim Compensation under Section 143 A
    • Review of Amendment of Section 143 A

    #3. Cross-Examination in Section 138 Cases

    • Cross – Examination Introduction
    • Section 135 – 166 Evidence Act 1872 – C.E. in N.I. Act
    • Important Aspects of Cross- Examination -1
    • Relevance of Suggestion in Cross-Examination
    • How to Do Cross- Examination?
    • Question list while Cross-Examination
    • Establishment of legal transaction
    • Proving Legal Liability is Must
    • Suggestive Questions – Part 2
    • Legal Notice & Some Important Leftovers
    • Let’s Get Started

    #4. Doubt Clearance Part -1

    #5. Drafting of Negotiable Instruments Act

    • Legal Notice under 138 N.I. Act (Sample Draft)
    • Legal Notice Drafting – 2
    • Legal Complaint Drafting Summary
    • Legal Complaint Drafting & Drafting Pre- Summoning Evidence
    • Legal Complaint Drafting Summary
    • Drafting Pre- Summoning Evidence

    #6. Judgments which are the Essence of the Law

    • Discussing Important Judgement of N.I. Act

    #7. Doubt Clearance Part -2

    #8. Amendments & Limitations of the Act

    • Limitations of Negotiable Instruments Act (Amendments Req.)
    • Limitations in Litigation Process

    #9. Alternatives of Cheque Bounce Litigation

    • Why go for Alternatives of Cheque Bounce Litigation?
    • Alternatives of N.I. Litigation – 2
    • Use of Alternatives when No Alternative Lefts
    • Career Aspects in N.I. Litigation Matters
    • Is Decriminalization of Cheque Bounce Okay?
    • How to get more Career Opportunities in Field?
    • Career Aspects – 2
    • How to Increase your Visibility ?

    #11. Course Completion Test

    • Course Conclusion
    • Test (MCQs & Written Test)

    Material Includes

    Short to the point: 30+ Video Lectures
    Downloadable Modules & Bare Provisions
    Complete Explanation of the Provisions
    Latest Case Law Summaries
    Test at the Course End
    Physical Certificate on Demand*

    How to Enroll ?

    • Fill up the Google form by below button
    • Make payment

    Note:- Make payment before 1st Day of Every Month to enroll in that month. To Enroll in March 2022 batch, one has to make payment before 28th Feb 2022.

    Course Duration

    1 Month

    Payment Details:

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    UPI:- 9728258074@ybl
    PhonePe:- 9728258074

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    If you want any other Payment Options or facing any other problems while enrolling then contact us anytime.

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