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    NLUO Guest Lecture on State of Legal Education in India – Join Now

    The Constitutional Law Society, National Law University of Odisha (NLUO), is pleased to invite you to a Guest Lecture on 11th February, 2023, on the theme “State of Legal Education in India: Social Relevance, Accessibility, and Inclusivity.” We will be joined for this Guest Lecture by our eminent panellists from the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, Mr. Rahul Bajaj and Mr. Husain Aanis Khan.

    About the Constitutional Law Society

    The National Law University of Odisha’s Constitutional Law Society (CLS) was founded in 2018 with the goal of offering a forum for public discussion and conversation regarding constitutional law. Through meticulous scholarship, public lectures and seminars, research conducted through independent projects, conferences, and collaboration with other institutions and people involved in the constitutional study, it seeks to enhance an accessible forum for intellectual discourse and shape the discussion of the most crucial and pertinent issues of constitutional law. Additionally, it makes an effort to raise awareness of the issue and its significance throughout the course of its activities. The Society was founded with the intention of fostering discussion and exchange regarding the various complexities of the field of constitutional law. The activities undertaken by the committee aim at enabling the students to have a holistic understanding of constitutional principles and constitutional jurisprudence.

    Overview of NLUO

    The National Law University of Odisha in Cuttack was established with the aim of advancing education, research, knowledge dissemination, and teaching in the legal field as well as meeting societal needs by assisting those wishing to pursue careers in advocacy, judicial services, legal services, and other related fields. The university is dedicated to fostering a culture where students prioritize their academic success above all else. By creating a number of specialized research institutes and student committees, NLUO has considerably tended to the needs of research in numerous legal subjects. The Constitutional Law Society is one such initiative of NLUO which aims at promoting the study, research and informed deliberation in the field of Constitutional Laws, and its allied subjects with a policy and application-oriented purpose.

    Theme Background

    With a focus on social relevance and diversity, the guest lecture examines the state of legal education in India. In order to meet the changing needs of industry, the organisation of legal education has undergone a significant transformation, and modern curricular and pedagogical practices have been used. One of the largest milestones in this approach was Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon’s introduction of the first integrated 5-year legal curriculum in 1987. Despite a number of advancements, the country’s legal education system is still far from meeting its objectives.

    Additional information is provided in the concept note that is included.

    About Panelists:

    Mr. Rahul Bajaj is a Senior Associate Fellow, Partnerships, in the Research Director’s Office. He manages Vidhi’s partnerships with academic institutions, think-tanks, and other mutually beneficial partnerships. He also works on developing grassroots networks and collaborative partnerships in select areas of Vidhi’s work. He is responsible for coordinating research work in the Research Director’s Office, on Vidhi’s research projects related to COVID-19. Rahul studied law at the University of Nagpur, graduating as the gold medalist in the university. After working at Trilegal, Delhi’s disputes practice for a year, he pursued his postgraduate legal education at the University of Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar. On returning to India, Rahul clerked for Supreme Court judge D. Y. Chandrachud before joining Vidhi.

    Research Fellow Husain Aanis Khan works for Vidhi’s Legal Design and Regulation Team. He has done a lot of research on social inclusivity and legal education. He oversees the VALE Fellowship as its director. He wrote the Jamia Diversity Census and has presented on educational policy at numerous international conferences. He has also given the NCT of Delhi’s government a policy brief on unified building bye-laws.

    Registration Details

    The event is being organized online on the 11th of February, 2023 and will be hosted over Google Meet. The lecture shall be scheduled from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm on the 11th of February 2023.

    Link for the Lecture- NLUO Guest Lecture on “State of Legal Education in India: Social Relevance, Accessibility, and Inclusivity”.

    Date:- Saturday, February 11 · 5:00 – 8:30 pm

    Google Meet joining info

    Video call link:

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