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What is Dormitory system?-In Sociology

What is Dormitory system?-In Sociology

Dormitory System

Dormitory System: This is the most important social institution in Tribal social organizations.
These organizations are found in almost every tribe, and their social life is centered around it.

What is Dormitory?

These are the buildings of straw and thatch, these are separate houses meant for the youngsters of tribal society.
All the youngsters of the Tribal society have to stay in dormitories.
The dormitory is also a skill development center.


1. There are separate dormitories for boys and girls but in some tribes, they live in common dormitories.
For example:- Naga Tribe= Morung (Boys dormitory); Yo (Girl dormitory).

2. The dormitories are situated outside the village. Normally in the forest.

3. In some tribes, they may also be near the fields.

4. In ‘Oraung‘ Tribe the dormitories are situated in the center of the village.

5. The life in the dormitory is based on certain traditions & customs which are invariably followed by all the members.

6. The age of membership of the dormitories are different from tribe to tribe; generally, 5 years is a common age.

7. Till the boys and girls got married, they reside in the dormitory and after that their membership is automatically dissolved.

8. Is a girl becomes a widow; she can enter again in the dormitory as its member.

9. The members of the dormitories are divided into two age groups majorly i.e. Senior & Junior group.

10. The head is selected from the senior group and his/her duty is to take care of all the members.

11. The juniors on the command of their seniors received different types of education. That is both practical and theoretical, to help them grow better.

12. It is the duty of every member of the dormitory to keep every secret about their group safe.

13. The members of the dormitories gathered after taking meals. They gathered around the fire and perform various activities that include telling stories, singing, dancing & playing.

14. The members of the dormitories have to carry out several functions together i.e. construction of the house on the occasion of marriage and helping the village folks in harvesting the crops.

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