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    WCSF Symposium Series on “Emerging crimes & issues pursuant to IT Laws in India” with Think India

    World Cyber Security Forum’s Symposium Series on “Emerging crimes & issues pursuant to IT Laws in India”; in collaboration with Think India, Chandigarh: Register Now, No fees

    About World Cyber Security Forum

    World Cyber ​​Security Forum (WCSF) is an internationally renowned cyber consultancy and web community that improves cybersecurity awareness; and acts as a source of techno-legal information for professionals, students, and teenagers around the world. On 1 st April 2020, WCSF launched Cybercrime Awareness 2020 program; which is a global initiative to support emerging trends in cyberlaw, cybercrime, and cybersecurity. Increasing the level of cyber awareness through education; and training can be an effective way to encourage the adoption of security tools; which leads to a safer use of technology.

    The objective of the symposium series is to educate people about the importance of emerging Cyber Crimes; and Information Technology in the digital age.

    About Think India, Chandigarh

    Think India is a pan India forum of students from premier institutes like IIT, IIM, and NLU’s; and other premier institutes in the various field of academia. It is an
    initiative to bring together the best talents of the country; and to infuse in them a ‘Nation First’ attitude along with intellectual spirit.

    Think India Chandigarh works with professionals of and provides internship in, the following fields;- Social work, Legal, Policy Think Tanks, Parliamentarians; and also Research Assistantship with Indian Member of the UN International Law Commission. The Chandigarh Chapter of Think INDIA has completed one year and has successfully organized a number of Legal workshops; VIDHI Vichar legal lecture series, Legal Internship programs, and much more.

    Series of Symposium on “Emerging crimes & issues pursuant to IT Laws in India”

    The main idea of the symposium series “Emerging crimes & issues pursuant to IT Laws in India”; is to provide the practical approach in terms of emerging cybercrimes and cyber laws. As technology is evolving rapidly; so human beings are & during this expedition all are facing a lot of obstacles in all senses.

    This series aims to aware of the society to think; & to narrate their experiences in context to the crimes they have faced to date. Also, it will be more inclined towards the conclusive part; where our honorable speakers will try to give preventive measures for victims. 

    • “Cyber Crimes & Teens” by Adv. Rajas Pingle (Cyber Lawyer & Cybersecurity Expert) & Mr. Saagar Panmand (API, Cyber Cell, Crime Branch) on 12 th September 2020 at 4.00 pm.
    • “Implication of Cybercrimes on Women” with Sheroes Hangout, Lucknow by Adv. Zakir Rehman (Founding Partner, R&T Legal Attorneys) & Adv. Shikhar Tandon (Practicing Advocate, Supreme Court of India) on 13 th September 2020 at 5.00 pm.
    • “Jurisdictional Issues in Cyber Space” by Mrunal D. Buva (Practicing Advocate, Supreme Court of India) on 19 th September 2020 at 5.00 pm.
    • “Cyber Crimes in the Financial Sector” by Mr. Mayank Singhal (Investment Banker, SBI-Mutual Funds) on 20 th September 2020 at 5.00 pm.

    Interactive session with Sheroes Hangout, Lucknow on 13th September, 2020 at 5.00pm

    The Sheroes are women who have fought to survive after receiving a debilitating blow to their appearance; and self-esteem by some members of the society. These acid attack survivors come from various backgrounds and diverse levels of competences. Being unprivileged some of them perhaps have never been to a restaurant before.

    The project “Sheroes Hangout” has a model of a café / lounge because it promotes social integration as well. People from various sects of society may come with the purpose of having food, snacks, leisure, reading books, etc; to Sheroes Hangout but at the same time; they can also acknowledge the proximity of acid attack cases in India.


    The session will be held with Sheroes volunteers Rani, Ritu, Rupali, and Dolly; who will be sharing their experiences in regard to Crimes against Women and widely spreading Cyber Crimes. Adv. Zakir Rehman and Adv. Shikhar Tandon will discuss the legal implications of Cybercrimes against Women.

    Registration Details

    • Seats are limited; once all the slots are full registration will be closed.
    • Registration Fees: No registration fee.

      A participation certificate will be provided to all the attendees.

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