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    How to Register your Artistic work: Registration of Copyrights

    Here is the complete guide to How does one Register your Creative work with the Copyrights Office in India, quickly and simply Contact Number-+91 9891244487

    Form of Register of Copyrights:

    (1) The Register of Copyrights as per the Statute is to be kept both in physical and electronic form in six parts, namely-

    • Part I: Literary works apart from computer programs, tables, and compilations including computer databases and dramatic work.
    • Part II: Musical works
    • Part III: Artistic works
    • Part IV: Cinematograph films
    • Part V: Sound recordings
    • Part VI: Computer programs, tables, and compilations that include computer databases.

    (2) As per Form XIII of The Register of Copyright shall contain these particulars.

    (1) All Applicants for registration of copyright shall be made in Form XIV and In Form XV every application for registration of changes within the particulars of copyright entered in the Register of copyright shall be made.

    (2) Each application needs to be separately submitted and must be according to the norms of the fee laid out in the Second Schedule in this regard.

    (3) The application of copyright must be signed by the applicant only. i.e. An author or owner of the right. If the application is submitted by the owner of Copyright, then no objection certificate issued by the author is mandatory.

    (4) A for application for registration of an unpublished work must be submitted together with two copies of the work.

    (5) Every application for registration of a computer program shall along with the source and object code

    (6) Every application for registration in respect of an artistic work which is or is capable of being used (concerning any goods or services), such application shall include a statement thereto effect and shall be go with a certificate from the Registrar of Trade Marks as mentioned in Section 3 of the Trade Mark Act, 1999, to the effect that no trademark identical with or deceptively the same as such artistic work has been registered under the Act within the name of, or that applicant.

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    (7) In respect of a creative or an artistic work which is capable of being registered as a design under the Designs Act, 2000, such application, shall go with an announcement in the form of an affidavit containing the subsequent, namely-

    (a) The Artistic work has not been registered under the Designs Act, 2000; and
    (b) Artistic work has not been applied to a piece of writing through the industrial process and reproduced over fifty times.

    (8) The registration application can also be filed within the Copyright Office personally or by post or by online filing facility as provided on the web site of the Copyright Office.

    (9) It is mandatory for the person applying for registration has to give notice of his application to every such person who claims or has any interest in the subject-matter of the copyright or disputes the rights of the applicant thereto.

    (10) If within thirty days of applying of the application, no objection to such registration is received by the Registrar of Copyrights, the Registrar of Copyrights shall if satisfied that the particulars given within the application are correct and, enter such particulars in the Register of Copyright.

    (11) If the Registrar of Copyrights receives any objections for such registration within the period specified in [sub-rule (10)], or, if he or she is not satisfied with the correctness of the particulars and contents given in the application, he or she may, after holding such inquiry as he or she deems fit, enter such particulars of the data in the Register of Copyrights as he or she considers necessary.

    (12) The Registrar of Copyrights shall give a chance of hearing before rejecting any application filed for registration of any work.

    (13) the method of registration is completed only after a replica of the entries made within the Register of Copyrights is signed and issued by Registrar of Copyright or by the authorized Deputy Registrar of Copyrights.

    (14) The Registrar of Copyrights shall send, wherever practicable, a replica of the entries made within the Register of Copyrights to the parties Concerned.

    For the Rectification and Correction of entries in the Register of Copyrights:

    (1) For the entries laid out in section 49 the Registrar of Copyrights may, either suo-motu or on the application of any interested person amend, or alter the Register of Copyrights, after giving, wherever practicable, to the person tormented by such amendment or alteration, and communicate to such person the amendment or alteration so made.

    (2) The Registrar of Copyrights shall rectify the entries made in the Register of Copyrights after an order is being checked and passed by the Board on an application made by Registrar of the Copyrights during this behalf under section 50.

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    (1) The Indexes in the Copyright Office are going to be kept the subsequent Indexes both in physical and electronic form for each part of the Register of Copyrights, namely-

    • A general Author Index;
    • A general Title Index
    • An Author Index of works in each language; and
    • A Title Index of works in each language

    (2) Every Index shall be arranged alphabetically, for future work in the form of cards.

    Inspection of the Register of Copyrights and Indexes:

    The Register of Copyrights and Indexes thereof shall at any reasonable time be open for the inspection of any individual in such manner and subject to such conditions as per Registrar of Copyrights may specify. The online search or inspection of the Register of Copyrights and indexes can be utilized by making online payment of fees as specified in the 2nd Schedule.

    Copies and extracts of the Register of Copyrights and Indexes:

    (1) Any on shall be entitled to obtain copies of, or make extracts from, the Register of Copyrights or Indexes on payment of the fee as laid out in the Second Schedule subject to supervision as Registrar of Copyrights may arrange.

    (2) To furnish an authorized copy of entries made within the Register of Copyrights and Indexes thereof, An application to The Registrar of Copyrights needs to be made together with payment of the fee laid out in the Second Schedule.

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