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    How To Be An Instructor at LT Courses – Know Here

    About Legal Thirst: –

    Legal Thirst Law Firm is a full-service Law Firm & Education Platform, registered under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. Legal Thirst is a powerful step towards the upliftment of the legal profession in India by shaping the law students; helping them to learn legal skills efficiently by affordable and Law Firm Certified Legal Courses, Webinars, and also by various workshops and sessions. An innovative step of providing easy Internships in senior Lawyer chambers and Law Firms to Non-NLU & First Gen. Law Students. Legal Thirst aims towards proving opportunities to those who lack resources and the end of nepotism in the society.

    Legal Thirst’s venture DLEAF is a Non-Profit, PAN India Organization that has the motive to create legal awareness among the society; along with a team of lawyers and social workers, DLEAF is providing Pro-Bono Legal Services to the needful section of society.

    About LT Courses

    LT Courses’ are a venture of the Legal Thirst Platform ( We have created an LMS (Learning Management System), which is a very effective method of learning. One can access their course module for a lifetime. They can learn at their schedule, that’s why it is very effective and flexible.

    We aim to merge courses from various legal platforms to create a variety of affordable courses in the reach of Law Students.

    Key Points

    • Self-Paced Courses
    • Flexible Learning Method
    • Law Firm Certified Courses & Certificates
    • Video Courses with Modules,
    • Downloadable Reading Materials
    • The platform need not send and have an eye on Course Distribution, it’s a one-time update and then earning will start.
    • Test at end of course/ minor assignments can be added.

    How to publish your Courses as an Instructor/ Legal Platform/ Law Firm:

    • Contact us through E-mail at or WhatsApp on +91 9416514766.
    • Fill up this form that includes the following information about your course: – Here
      • Course Title
      • Course Fee (If Free then mention the same).
      • Course Instructor Name, Legal Platform (If any).
      • Course Type: – Module Based/ Video Course
        • No. of Module / No. of Video included (If any).
    • Official Google Drive linked E-mail Id.
    • After the same, you will receive the primary approval of your Course.
    • After getting approval, upload your Course at Google Drive of Legal Thirst in a folder of your Name shared with you from account i.e. on our official E-mail Id’s Google drive.
    • Upload all the Modules and Videos to the respective Google Drive.
    • Register on LMS Website by this Link Here (with the Account Name & Details you want to show as an Instructor in your Course).
    • You are all Done, just send the word file including About Course or Brochures or Posters along with the proper syllabus and perks of the course.

    What will be our role further?

    • We will further link your Courses (Both Modules & Videos) on our Server for highspeed Video Experience.
    • We will do the marketing of your Course on our Main Legal Thirst Website, on Our WhatsApp Groups and other Social Media Platforms of Legal Thirst & LT-Courses.
    • We will completely link and upload all your course material on LMS with complete settings.
    • We will set the Course Price as decided by you.
    • We will add you as an Instructor in your Course.

    By adding you as Instructor in your Course, you can access the following: –

    • You will get the E-mail from LT-Courses (M-Learn) on every course Enrollment in your course.
    • Your Instructor Dashboard will show the enrollments as well as your earnings.
    • You can directly answer the Queries of students enroll in the course.
    • Course Progress made by students and you can send them Physical Certificate also.

    Earnings & Share of Legal Thirst

    • Legal Thirst will charge the maintenance amount per course. We will have a share in each of your courses sold on LT Courses.
    • The maintenance sharing percentage per course amount will be like.
      • For Free Courses – Nil
      • For Module Based Courses (Up to 5 Modules) – 20%
      • For Module Based Courses (More than 5 Modules) – 25%
      • For Video + Module Based Courses (up to 5 Videos) – 35%
      • For Video + Module Based Courses (More than 5 Videos – up to 10) – 40%
      • For Video + Module Based Courses (More than 10 Videos) – 50%
    • The amount after all deductions (Share of Legal Thirst + 3% Payment Gateway Tax) will be visible on your Dashboard Earning.

    Payment of Courses: –

    • The payment of your courses sold (after Legal Thirst Share along with 3% deduction) will be settled in your Payment Preferences send by you, whether in Paytm Wallet/ UPI/ Google Pay/ Phone Pe/ Bank Account etc.
    • Fill this form Here for uploading your payment and other details.
    • The Course Amount showed in your ‘Dashboard- Earning’ section on 31st/30th of Every month till 11:59 p.m.; will be settled in your Account as per your preference.

    In case of any Grievances contact us: –

    Mail us: –
    Contact Us: – +91 9416514766

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