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    Feminism … An Uninformed Conception? - By Deepanshu Goyal

    Feminism … An Uninformed Conception? – By Deepanshu Goyal

    I raise up my voice—not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard…We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.

    Malala Yousafzai

    Think of an image that comes to your mind, whenever you come to hear the word Feminism! Is it about the women fighting for rights? Or is it the women fighting for opportunities? Is it the women justifying their Dress code? Or anything else?

    Forbes defines “The Advocacy of Women’s right on the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes is what is termed as Feminism.” It fruited on the basis that society prioritizes Men over women and are treated unfairly and unethically.

    It was an ocean that used to flow and spread in waves and/but it now goes more into conflict and controversial space rather than resulting in any positive outcome. I am not sure whether Feminism is Okay, Right, Good, Bad, unnecessary, bootless, or whatsoever. In my opinion, we just crossed the wrong road in the journey so far! Like literally… In our Indian Mythology, it is the humane probity to worship women, that speaks the glory of Goddess being an equal part of God, Ardhanareshwara used to be in our uprightness! Where did that all go away from the minds of civilization? Why the canards grew their roots as being a Male-Dominated system? When and why we got so low that subjects like Gender Equality, Women Empowerment became a goal rather than reality? Why do we even are in need to justify or condemn Feminism? But if this is the present time, I think we have to, we cannot bear going lower.

    Feminism is something a blend of Empowerment and Equality to me that is seriously limited to women. What’s equal if sorted with limitations? I ask the same question from myself but my soul never answered. The new flagbearers of Feminism have made it less of an agenda and more of a Brand and Femi-Nazism. That fails to elucidate the unexplainable crimes, obloquies, and injustice showered on women for centuries uncountable, which are indeed unpardonable and plenty. It would not be wrong to say that Feminism, as an institution, nowadays, has become regressive in many cases.

    The true essence of Feminism has perished of foolishness and folly. Time has squeezed the Liberalism out of it and dipped the remains in a pool of hatred. That thinks Men as a different, misogynistic, and oppressive part of society. ‘All men are dogs’, a filthy phrase used by so many retards who claim themselves as feminists. Oh Yes, those who claim to be a “FEMINIST”, are not actually Feminist I guess, but the disingenuous Pseudo-Feminists. Who stipulates that being tagged as a Feminist, assembled or dissembled, is necessary to do something for such a required basis? Any other Canard?

    It’s true that characterizations need to advance with time but losing the main cause with it is something not appreciable. Yes, the society was and in some cases is biased, male-dominated, prejudiced. And women have literally been treated so harshly for ages. Maybe no men could ever tolerate and we

    Is it confusing to find the difference between the pseudo one and the genuine one? May I help you? Yes? Sure!

    • Those who build schools and institutions for girls are genuine and those who build hatred against other HUMANS are fake.
    • Only Those who fought for the right to vote for women are genuine and those who fight for reservation and position are fake.
    • Those who fought against society for ‘Sati’, Child Marriage, and Widows are genuine. And those who fight for seats to sit on are fake.
    • Only Those who wish for Women to get equal respect and honor as other members of society are genuine. And those who wish women to get MORE respect than other members of Society are fake.
    • Those who fight for equality and change are genuine and those who blame men and patriarchy for all the problems in this world are fake. Maybe patriarchy can be a culprit for most of those blames, but All Men? Nahhh!!!
    • Only Those who care for Empowerment are genuine and those who care about Tags (being “Feminist” or not etc.) are Fake.
    • Those who stand against Injustice are genuine while those who file fake and fraud cases are fake.
    • Those who seek Change are genuine while those who seek courtesy are fake.
    Now you know how to prognosticate between genuine and pseudo feminism… Lemme throw some stats that would hammer your rock bones to make you feel how badly we need Women Empowerment and Gender Equality. Rather than the garnished, shiny wrap of Feminism that stumbles it all even more.
    • World Economic Forum reports that it would take another 108 years to close the Gap of Gender parity and 202 years to close the Economic Gap…
    • Women earn 78 cents for every dollar a man earns and Equal pay, equal hours and equal participation in the workforce. This could lead to a global wealth jump of $23,620 a person and $160 trillion to the global economy.
    • Only 22% of World’s AI professionals are women.
    • According to the Geena Davis Institute Report, for every female character in a movie, there are 2.24 Men
    • Estimates from the UN’s International Labour Organisation say that the worldwide labour force participation rate in 2018. It is for women aged 15-64 was 53 per cent while it was 80.6 per cent for similarly aged men.
    • Less Than Five Percent of CEOs at S&P 500 Companies are Women
    • Only 33% of UN ambassadors and 14% Indian parliamentarians are women
    • In India, female labour force participation fell from 35 per cent in 1990 to 27 per cent in 2018, ahead of Pakistan, but even behind Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka! Are we in the Race just with Pakistan? Just asking!
    • Every hour, 39 rape cases happen in our Country.
    • Despite prior attempts to promulgate a UN treaty guaranteeing the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women. The U.S. refuses to support an international bill of rights for women signed by nearly every other nation on the planet.

    Now I think the reader of this article is clear about what are we getting in the name of what should be expected.

    The nutshell speaks that women, in the world that calls itself open, modern, unbiased. And other adjectives that you can think of. They still face so many tensions, regression, problems, prejudice, discrimination that might be too transparent to too opaque to gain attention. In the wake of it, if we get stumbled in the mesh of dilemma and disruption. Then how would we get off this problem?

    Gender Equality, Women empowerment is just more than enough to resile, to raise a voice, and gain acclamation. And to make the world speak for it and come in front of the world as major goals and issues. But does neither need an ancillary nor need a new nomenclature, by the name of Feminism. It need not be forcefully attached as a label to Women, Millennials, or any other noun. The world needs more self-thought, which can lead to a change in oneself and others. The world needs to pontificate or speaks up against it to expunge the gaps left by time. After all, Women are tough, ambitious, and they know exactly what they want.

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    This article on Euthanasia is written by Deepanshu Goyal. A hard-working 2nd-year student enrolled in an under-graduation course of Pharmacy at Maharishi Dayanand University.


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