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    2 Day Workshop on “Interfacing Law & Artificial Intelligence (AI)”: Register Now !!!

    Bored of Archaic Workshops/Courses?

    We have come up with a unique and interesting workshop on the latest topics in order to initiate intriguing academic discussions on AI & its interlink with Intellectual Property Law as well as AI’s Liability model. The workshop is designed for all law and non-law students and young professionals to have an out of box thinking while venturing a bit into the technicalities, legalities as well for them to gain new knowledge which isn’t yet a part of the curriculum in any law school throughout India. Thus all students and professions from India and abroad having an interest in the subject are welcome for participating and taking part in such a legal intriguing discussion.

    Workshop Details


    Dates : 3rd – 4th October, 2020

    Duration : 2 hours per day including Interactive session and Q&A round


    Day -1 : AI and Intellectual Property Matters-

    The speaker would be discussing on the IPR issues related around Artificial Intelligence and realise the need for codification of proper laws firstly with regard to IP issue of the AI created by human and secondly, analysing the IP rights (patent/ trademark/ copyright) on any new creation by that Artificial Intelligence.

    Day-2 : Techno-Legal Insight in AI & it’s Liability Models.

    The speaker would be giving Techno-legal Insight into Artificial Intelligence & liability models for misconducts effected by Artificially Intelligent Systems and discuss the important aspects to fix the liability of AI systems and law enforcement mechanism and attempt to talk about the codification of such laws.


    #1. Tanmay Agrawal

    Asst. Professor of Law, Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal, Ph.D. Scholar (Law and AI)

    #2. Shikhar Gupta

    JRF, PhD Scholar (Law and AI), University of Delhi, New Delhi

    Who Should Attend the Workshop?

    Irrespective of whatever course you are studying, Irrespective of your age, Irrespective of your nationality, if any of the following questions interest you and make you keep on knowing about the following via proper research and fun learning then definitely this workshop is for you. Don’t delay, enroll now before the seats are filled !!

    • Who would have the intellectual property rights protection for an AI-generated work? Who would be the owner of AI-generated works or inventions?
    • Can the machine be an author or an inventor and Should AI-generated inventions be considered a state of art like others created by a person?
    • Further, whether AI can individually get IP protection for its further creations?
    • Who should be held responsible for the creations and innovations generated by AI, if they encroach upon others’ rights or violate other legal provisions?

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    Perks of Attending the Workshop-

    1. Certificate of participation would be provided.
    2. Free E-Books & Reading Material would be shared.
    3. Guidance on AI & Legal research topics for publication.
    4. Discounts in our upcoming online courses.

    LAST DATE TO ENROLL: 15th September 2020 at this price for limited seats.

    Registration & Payment Details

    Fee: 200/- only

    Payment Details

    G-Pay/Paytm/Phonepe at 9078473139 (Subham Kumar Dalara)

    For International Participants, you can write to us at LegalFinishing@gmail.com and we’ll provide you with apt source of registration.

    Note : Enrollers will be added to whatsapp group within 24 hours once enrolled

    Platform: Zoom (Link would be share to the enrolled participants on mail)

    Contact Us:

    In case of any query or clarification regarding course feel free to contact

    Contact Team Legal Finishing School- 9826930276, 9742183815

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