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    How to Stop Crime Against Women in India Now

    How to Stop Crime Against Women

     Crime Against Women can only be stopped by the following steps.

    No Country is Paradise for Women so stop crime against women.

    Everywhere in the world, women are the ones who face atrocities.

    Indian women have been treated like this for thousands of years. It was always like this. The reason for the crime against women is not religion. The reason is surely not the men. It’s just the mindset. It’s the mindset of both the men and women of the nation.

    Crime against Women can be stopped by changing Mindset only.

    The mindset is the only factor. Women are equal to men. Religion strictly supports that and evident in the worship of goddesses. Religion shouldn’t be followed in terms of customs, only on the basis of moral virtues which are the true knowledge which the religion imparts. The patriarchal mindset needs to be shed. By both men and women.

    Feminism is Not the Answer.

    Feminism is not the answer, it started as a nice support structure and a cause that was right but now it got hijacked by ultra feminists, who used to blame all men along with the religion and culture. Even though they are partly correct, they are partly wrong too.

    Not all men are misogynists and believe me that most men aren’t. In fact, Many women are misogynists and to solve the situation, men and women need to work together similarly they solve their family problems.

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    Men Need to Learn.

    Men need to learn about women. Not only about what she thinks & likes but also how their biological system works. They need to understand that women too have desires to become something in life.

    Men need to learn that women too are part of society-building and women can be the pride of the nation and need to be respected as well as protected. So stand up, even if your mother and father are quarreling.

    It’s a misconception that women like dominant men. Just make her feel secure. Rejection is part of the game of life. Rejection from the job doesn’t mean you should hate that job. Similarly, rejection from one woman doesn’t mean at all that you starting hating her. Just flow with it.

    It’s a misconception that there is One Soul Mate. Anybody can be your soulmate. True Love is when both love each other. It’s can’t be one-sided and it’s a game of trial and error. So, don’t be sad over rejection and failure in love. You must Improve your self & try again. With time, you will be good at it and the key to be a good man is respect towards the women around you.

    Women Need To Learn.

    Women as women, need to learn that they are equal. That you are neither above nor below the men. Think that you are at level. It’s a matter of fact that men of Indian society got judged too. Their character ironically is of least importance, first one will remain the money and their job.

    It is evident that women tend to choose men according to their job and status; ignoring their character. That’s the main reason that men too consider money as their plus point on all bad habits. Indian men can be clingy, but let them be friends with you in an equal sense where you can be another dude to him. Create a sense of equality & teach the same to others.

    Stop crime against women!

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    India Needs To Learn.

    India Needs to learn two things. One is that Women’s safety is not India’s only problem, the whole world faces the crisis. Second, India needs to address the issue by changing the mindset and happy to tell you that we are moving in that way.

    Women are catching up with guys and eventually we all shall be treating each other equally. It is a transition from which the whole world is going through. In India, there are many rape cases. Most of them are illiterate and pervert.

    There will always be such people in our society. No matter what, Indian men and women together must stand against these evils. For a Safe Country, we must change our mindsets. Generations must be taught to see each other equally. People must be taught that sexual desires are normal and must be dealt with maturity.

    Parents must be friends with their children to understand them and their teenage problems and should teach them about the correct explanation of wrong & right. The parental gap must be bridged with time.

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    A Problem that cannot be solved in a day.

    It is a transition, So, don’t expect it to be solved in a day. It will definitely take time, then only we will observe some change. People play politics on such serious issues, that will only degrade the problem rather than solving it. People should solve it day by day.

    Women and Men together with Hand in Hand. We have laws for such rapists and molesters but unfortunately, it is not changing the situation as expected. Thanks to the government for bringing laws of the death penalty for child rape, a heinous crime like this must be awarded a death sentence. People are now opening up to such cases more openly. India will be safer, if not the safest country for women. No Doubt.

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