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    CALRCL NLU Assam || 7 Days Certification Course on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws in India

    Register for the 7 Days Certification Course on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws in India conducted by CALRCL NLU Assam [14th Oct, 2023 – 20th Oct, 2023]


    National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam (NLUJAA) was established by the National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam N Act, 2009 (Act No. XXV of 2009) as the fourteenth National Law University, located in Guwahati, and the first of its form in Northeast India. NLUJAA is committed to inculcating academic excellence to prepare leaders of law who shape the country with their knowledge, wisdom, discovery, and creativity. It has a mission to consistently strive to emerge as a leader in the domain of legal education by way of creating a forward-thinking curriculum.


    The university also comprises a number of functional research centres, among which the Centre for Advanced Research in Corporate Law (CARCL) is one that is engaged in diverse activities to spread education and awareness in the corporate sector. The Center conducts research, workshops, seminars, and capacity-building programs for academicians, entrepreneurs, students, and other interested individuals and companies in the ever-emerging areas of corporate law. Apart from academic development, the Center focuses on various other activities in the corporate sector, such as providing research work and consultancy services to various agencies, both national and regional, in policy research and implementation. The Center tries to further these programs and work with different agencies and institutions focusing on corporate issues in the Northeast region.


    Chambers of Abhinav Mishra, Advocates & Solicitors was established in 2018 and has emerged as one of the eminent legal service providers for its diverse practice capabilities. The Chambers caters to pan-India matters and is focused on providing strategic, innovative, and holistic legal solutions to its clients. The Chambers assists its clients in corporate commercial litigation, white-collar crimes, insolvency and bankruptcy laws, restructuring of debt(s), private equity, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and negotiations, along with a whole range of legal services including hearings at courts and tribunals, arbitration proceedings, securing & defending Intellectual Property Rights, client briefings and conferences, opinion(s) and guidance, agreements and contracts to draft, research work, due diligence, and several other related activities.


    This 7-day certification course on “Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws in India” is intended for students, academicians, professionals, advocates, and all other interested participants. The course will include more than 27 hours of instruction, divided into 13 sessions. The course has been graced by renowned and experienced professionals in the field of IBC as course instructors, including advocates and partners of law firms like Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas and Vidhi Partners. A detailed list of instructors along with session titles has been provided in the brochure.

    The top 5 performers will be given a 3-month subscription to and a golden opportunity to intern for 4 weeks at Chambers of Abhinav Mishra: Advocates & Solicitors.


    Date: 14th October-20th October

    Venue: National Law University and Judicial Academy, Guwahati, Assam

    Mode: Hybrid. Online and physical classes are both available.


    Registration Fees: Rs. 2000/- (online or offline)

    Payment link:-


    This session on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws in India by NLU Assam has the following breakouts.

    14th Oct 2023: Mr. Abhinav Mishra, Co-Founder, CoAM: Introduction to IBC, 2016 

    15th Oct 2023: Mr. Bishwajit Dubey, Former Partner, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas: Insolvency Resolution Process for Corporate Persons

    15th Oct 2023: Mr. Arvind Nayar, Senior Advocate, Hon’ble Delhi High Court: Grey areas concerning the role of Insolvency Professional(s)in the IBC, 2016 regime

    16th Oct 2023: Mr. Gauhar Mirza, Partner, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas: Insolvency Resolution Process against Personal and Corporate Guarantors   

    16th Oct 2023: Ms. Neha Somani, Advocate, Hon’ble Calcutta High Court: Cross Border Insolvency & Fastrack Insolvency Resolution Process 

    17th Oct 2023: Mr. Nahush Jain, Advocate, Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court: Interplay between IBC, 2016 and other related statutes and PUFE Transactions   

    17th Oct 2023: Mr. Sandeep Aole, Partner, Vidhi Partners, Mumbai: Career in Commercial & Corporate Litigation     

    18th Oct 2023: Ms. Nivedita Chauhan, CoFounder, CoAM: Drafting under IBC, 2016  

    18th Oct 2023: Ms. Swati Tejawat, PCS: Pre-packaged Insolvency Resolution Process 

    19th Oct 2023: Mr. Abhinav Mishra, Advocate, Supreme Court of India: Liquidation processes under IBC, 2016  

    19th Oct 2023: Mr. Rajshekhar Rao, Senior Advocate, Delhi High Court: A perspective upon the implementation of IBC, 2016 with interaction on a career as a corporate/commercial litigator

    20th Oct 2023: Consolidated Assessment and Evaluation – (MCQ  

    20th Oct 2023: Valedictory Ceremony  

    Contact Details

    Kindly contact the undersigned in case of any queries.

    Dr. Monmi Gohain, Asst. Prof of Law, NLUJAA (Faculty in-charge) – +91 8876513051,

    Pranav Gandhi – +91 8210642141,

    Vitthal Dixit – +91 9170544499,

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