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    6 Must Watch List of Illuminating Movies for Law Students

    This content on “6 Must Watch List of Illuminating Movies for Law Students”; is by Nalini Singh. She is pursuing Law from IMS Law College, Noida and is Content Writer & Legal Researcher at Legal Thirst.

    Cinematography’ plays an active role in viewers consciousness as it tends to arise & awaken many untouched points.  Being a law aspirant, we immensely get drawn into the sensation of crime thriller Justice and Investigation; that how it gradually divides our undivided attention consequently there are some “Incredible” films; which are absolutely virtuous and instructive for law aspirants to see. Watching movies allow us to disconnect for a while and help us to relax. Illuminating movies encourage ideas and help us in knowing what going on around the world. It has also been scientifically proven that watching horror and thriller movies can burn nearly 200 calories at a time; and enhance brain activity and our thinking process. Via this study, an attempt has been made to evaluate the impact of cinema on students of law.

    Illuminating Films for Law Students

    12 Angry Men

    Directed By– Sidney Lumet
    Released- 1957

    A great movie to watch for law students. As it is a courtroom drama and you need intelligence to understand the movie ideals with facts and figures; and it explains how does a single Jury convinces the 11 other Jury members with conclusive facts and heated arguments. It contains jury of 12 men. As they deliberate the conviction or acquittal of an 18-year- old defendant on the basis of reasonable doubt.

    This movie has been nominated thrice for “Oscars”; In 2007 the film was also selected for the National Film Registry by the library of Congress; as being a “Culturally, historically and aesthetically significant”.

    Section 375

    Directed By- Ajay Bahl
    Released- 2019

    A courtroom drama picture which navigates a rape victim; and how her case gets heated while unleashing the fact and figures inside the court. It makes one’s constrained to think about the situation of scenes which are way too sensitive and thrilling. I would highly recommend others to watch this film for an eye opening perception; after watching this film one goes under the thought of “Is justice truly being served Inside the courtroom? “

    This is the foremost reason why an individual need to view this film. 


    Directed By- Gene Klein 
    Released- 2011

    It is about a spectacular lawyer named “Harvey Spectar” one of the best lawyers of New York. This is a series of episodes in which it shows how does an advocate take the cases meticulously; and turn it into a commitment moreover remains obedient towards his work. For law aspirants this series is worth watching in view of the fact that; one would discover so much engrossment towards the subject matter, he/ she intakes. 


    Directed By- Anirudh Roy
    Released- 2011

    This movie completely explains about “Violent against Women” and courtroom drama, where Amitabh Bacchhan (a retired Lawyer) steps forward to help all 3 women involved in a case.  This movie is a masterpiece to watch for the reason that it pull out all the stereotypes thinking; moreover this movie also gives a message to young lawyers about how; “A lawyer is never goes off duty” the scenes inside the courtroom are so terrific with heated arguments and puzzled questions which may get you chills over the body.

    There are so many sudden trembling scenes like how women feel after being victimized. It is particularly about the conservative behaviourism of our society throughout the case. 

    I (author) highly recommend youths for watching this movie as it will undeniably render you with striking performance. 

     Article 15

    Directed by– Anubhav Sinha
    Released– 2019

    This film contracts with Article 15 of the Constitution of India. Which prohibits Discrimination on the ground of religion race caste sex or place of birth this movie is influenced by true events; and how an individual used to deal with rotten comments and awful situations; for the reason of the caste or religious nature. Even today in a society there are plethora of conservative mindset residing. It Germinates the seed of discrimination; this picture brilliantly displays the unheard events which has completely changed once life in a terrible manner. The most rewarding thing about this movie is that it is dazzlingly made on veracious subject.

    I (author) suggests law aspirants to view this film. As in order to get some real thrilling experience and unleash brutal truth of society which has still not faded away. 

    Defending Jacob

    Directed By- Morten Tyldum
    Released– 2020

    Defending Jacob is excellent series/movie by Apple TV+ for law aspirants who like indulgence of suspense, courtroom drama and an inflaming narrative. This story commence from a father (famous/renowned advocate) who’s son has been accused for the charge of murder. In consequence protagonist comes under the dilemma whether he should accept the facts or shall defend his son. This series deals with plenty of heart wrenching scenes as how does the prominent lawyer faces criticism; and threats after his son get indicated for murder charge. Gradually it also shows how does the advocate (farther of accused) does off hours probe for defending his child.

    This series displays an indomitable sprit of a lawyer and how he indemnifies his image while defending his son from implication.


    In India we are much influenced by the cinemas/ movies, where we learn and enhance our imaginative power accordingly; some high standard picture always get us to explore ourselves and create awareness in the community; aforementioned movies are tremendously worth viewing for law aspirants. As it expands individual analytical power; and also opens many concealed facts; which is highly contemplated. An individual should invest his/ her time very meticulously into such movies which are instructing to upgrade one’s grip and creating consciousness.

    Disclaimer: The opinions and views in the articles and research papers published on this website; are personal and independent opinions of the author. The website is not responsible for them.

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