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About the Jus Scriptum?

The Jus Scriptum is a Legal Community run by law students to help Law Students, We are Committed towards Excellence. We provide assistance in Assignment And Project Making, writing Articles/ Blogs and getting them published in different websites, Journals, etc. We even assist in Writing Case Analysis, Case Briefs, Judgement Writing. We at Jus Scriptum even help students to get there CV and Cover letter  drafted by us.

Services Offered : -

✔ Research Paper
✔ Case Analysis
✔ Case Judgement
✔ Article
✔ Project Assignment
✔ Memorial Drafting
✔ Dissertation
PIL Drafting
✔ Internship Work / Assessment
✔ Legislative Commentary
✔ Presentation Making
✔ Curriculum Vitae
✔ Cover Letter
Law Notes
✔ Proofreading
✔ Plagiarism Report (Turnitin, Grammarly Premium)

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Why Choose Us

Legal Thirst Assure Partnership Provides You Every Reason To Choose Them For Your Assignments & Drafting Works.

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Ritik Agrawal:- +91 8349512882

Email Us:- info.jusscriptum@gmail.com

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